How We Work Together


Wellness Assessment

Prior to our first session, pertinent information including height, weight, medical history, average daily food intake, sleeping habits, physical activity, etc. will be gathered. This helps me prepare for an efficient, effective initial meeting, which will last between 60-90 minutes either virtually or via phone.


Follow-up Sessions Packages

For those seriously committed to making a change, this monthly package includes 4 sessions designed to help you stay focused on your goals with the support and motivation you need.  You can pre-purchase the package to receive a discount and the psychological benefit of committing to the program, knowing they will be accountable to sticking to it.

Initial Session

After establishing your nutrition goals, I will provide you with my food philosophy, which is based on scientific nutrition principles and a realistic food plan, personalized for you.


Group Counseling

I am available to speak to your group or office. "Q and A" type sessions in small groups such as parent groups, preschools, office "lunch and learn" or small group counseling are fun and informative.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are essential to your success. Permanent changes and habits take time to master. These half-hour virtual sessions are designed to monitor your progress and keep you accountable while I coach and guide you. Using several strategies to create healthy habits, such as food journaling, forecasting your week, previewing menus, dealing with emotional eating triggers, we will work together to further help you meet your goals.


While we are working together I am always available to you via phone, text or email between sessions to offer additional support or answer questions to keep you on track.Contact me for pricing. Please note, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required.