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Like many, I left my freshman year at the University of Michigan with an additional 20 pounds on my frame. I sought the help of a fabulous registered dietitian who transformed my perceptions regarding the basics of healthy eating. I lost the weight, but I also discovered my passion for nutrition.

I went on to earn my Master’s in Nutrition from NYU. Upon graduation, I became the cardiac dietitian at the NYU Langone Medical Center, followed by my position as nutritionist for the NYU Program for Surgical Weight Loss. In this role, I was part of a world-renowned team of surgeons, psychologists and nurses who helped morbidly obese bariatric patients lose weight and dramatically change their overall health and lives. This eye-opening experience exposed me to philosophies from the world’s leading specialists in weight loss. I took these lessons with me when I ultimately began my private practice, Healthy Habits by Barrie Wolfe Nutrition, specializing in weight loss and wellness.

As I began my own family, I was surrounded by women juggling family, work and wellness, often putting their own needs aside. I myself have fallen victim to this mentality. Today, I love being part of the process of helping clients re-prioritize themselves by making positive food selections. Healthy food choices improve energy levels and confidence, which supports one’s capacity to be a better mother, worker, wife or friend.

Health is about so much more than food. I am committed to coaching each of my clients to become more mindful and thoughtful in food selections and overall physical activity, self-care, sleep and body image. Through a series of tools, accountability and support, I develop an overall plan that makes lifestyle changes attainable. I celebrate my clients’ personal victories as my own.

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