Barrie has contributed to many different forms of media including television,
radio, internet and print. Here are a few examples of what Barrie had to say...
Dieting Do's and Don'ts, Extra!, 2000
Survivor Nutrition Analysis, Extra!  August, 2000
Real Age DietExtra! August 2001
Dieting Don'ts of the Stars, Extra! August, 2004
Thanksgiving cooking with Todd English, Extra! November 2004
Dieting? Why You Should Go Coconuts!Extra! March 2005
Dove Ad Campaign February 2006 Fox 5 New York
Last Chance, MSNBC Investigates, 2000
Fox 5, Calcium Rich Products
Antioxidant at the Supermarket Fox 5  New York News2000
Super Foods ABC 7 New York
Trans Fats in Fast Foods, ABC 7 New York
Al Roker Bariatric Surgery Special,  Food Network 2007
Westchester Magazine January 2010"How To Do Just About Anything"
Westchester Magazine
Healthy Lunches For Back to School, New York Post
RoleMommy411.comnutrition contributor October 2007
Diet Tips 2008Featured the The Journal News, January 2.2008
The Bite DietWebMD January, 2005
Docs Need To Focus on Kids Obesity, August,2004
10 Ways to Help a Loved One Lose WeightWebMD February 2007
Soy-Based Products May Increase 2001
Soda May Not Hurt Your Bones Afterall
Soy Sorry,, September 2001
Control Your Winter Appetite,WebMD 2006
Weight Loss Drug Shows Promising Resultsin Study, Anti-AgingDrugs,com, February 2006
Make The Most of Your MetabolismWebMD, January 2006
Nutrition and Pregnancy, NYU Medical Center 2001
Prudent Diet Education Series, NYU Cardiac Rehab Center, 1999-2003
Bariatric Surgery Diet Do's and Don'ts, NYU Medical Center 2006
Baby Bite Luncheon: Healthy Eating Tips for New Moms November 2007